Fighting Fish Arena


The arena is the main way that Fighting Fish do battle with one another. By winning in the Arena, you increase the ranking ("ELO") of your fish--potentially increasing your daily payout in FIGHT tokens. Losing in the Arena decreases the ranking of your fish, potentially decreasing your daily payout.
This guide is assuming that you have already purchased a Fighting Fish NFT, that is currently housed in the wallet you used to login to If this is not the case, please checkout the sellers page on NFTExplorer to find a fish to purchase!

How to Join the Arena

  1. 1.
    From the sidebar, select Arena
2. Press the Queue button beneath the fish you wish to battle with.
3. Wait to be matched, then do battle with your automatically matched foe.

Arena Fight Mechanics

The Fighting Fish with the greater speed attribute will go first and turns will alternate after that.
There are two types of attacks: normal and special. Normal attacks are non-elemental and affect all fish equally. Special attacks are elemental and thus do extra damage against tribes your fish is strong against and less damage against tribes your fish is weak against.
All fish have a chance to dodge attacks depending on their speed attribute (more speed → greater dodge chance).
Once a fish deals damage to their opponent that brings their opponent's health at or below 0, that fish is considered the winner! The ELO of both fish are updated accordingly according to standard ELO equations, hence reordering the rankings of the fish.
A fish who leaves a battle early or disconnects will be considered the loser.
If your fish is high in speed, you sometimes will have the chance to attack twice in a row!