2048 fighting fish enter the tournament, and only one emerges victorious
wow, look at this cool guy with a shiny trophy - he killed 11 other fish to win it


Tournaments are a fun way that we distribute some of the season rewards to the Fighting Fish community, as well as allowing us to do in-platform giveaways of NFTs and more!


Tournaments work by first taking all Fighting Fish and matching them with one another randomly. This is done automatically, without users having to remember to sign up. A winner is chosen randomly between the two fish, and the winner proceeds into the next round. This process continues until one fish remains.


Prizes are awarded on a per-fish basis based on the final ranking of the fish. For an example of this, you can see the payout structure for the genesis tournament. In the future, tournaments may include other prizes like Fighting Fish, other in game NFT's and more!