Art - Works Cited


Having watched a couple of recent Algorand NFT projects be completely derailed due to art plagiarism, we want to give you all of the sources that we used and confirmation that the art is indeed unique and original to our project so that you can invest with confidence!
We want to emphasize: all of our art is unique and original. We used images found online as inspiration in some cases (all of which are listed below), but these images are just that: inspiration. We used these images to learn patterns, aspect ratios, and details that we then implemented into our own original art.
In the case of commissioned work, we paid the artist generously beyond their asking rates. Our commissioned artist also receives a portion of the royalties from primary sales. Sadly, the inspired pieces were published anonymously--if we can track down the original artists, we would love to give them credit where it's due.


The four base fish were commissioned from an online artist. The source images that were given to the artist as inspiration are below:
As you can see, our artist did an excellent job making derivative work from the photos! We also attained permission from the artist to use their work in a commercial setting with modification:


All weapons were created by our team in photoshop.


All armor was created by our team in photoshop.


A jetpack pixel art published online anonymously ( served as a major inspiration for our jetpack and for our fire extinguisher accessories. In particular, we really liked the layout of the jetpack and the aspect ratio worked well for our fish. We modified this design significantly: our cylinder and outlet are different, though similar, shapes, the exhaust is completely different, and the attachment system is completely different.
Furthermore, a flame texture published online anonymously ( served as inspiration for our various flame textures. We particularly liked the single pixel floating away from the fire and the way that noise was created in the colors.


The only asset used as inspiration for the backgrounds were the following cloud textures, also published online anonymously ( By reverse image searching, we found that these assets have been copied numerous times and it's hard to ascertain the original author. Nevertheless, we only used these clouds as a visual inspiration for how to make something look "fluffy" out of hard pixels--as you can see, our clouds are completely different.


We are providing this page in good faith because we believe that transparency leads to trust and that artists deserve credit and payment.
We hope that our example will lead to more NFT projects releasing their own works cited pages. We think that by showing source material including inspiration, originality can be proven more comprehensively than by asking for implicit trust.