Accessories + Traits


Weapons primarily modify damage but can also influence health and speed.
No Weapons
Some fish prefer bare-knuckle brawling, and that's okay with us.
Common Weapons
Knives, Spears, Fishing Poles, and Anchors: the fighting fish grabbed what they had available and headed into battle.
Rare Weapons
Spearguns, Tridents, Cleavers, and TNT: these fish came prepared to do some damage.
Epic Weapons
Laser Eyes and Magical Staffs: Other fish will learn to fear you with the power that comes with these weapons.
Legendary Weapon
Diamond eyes... need we say more?


Armor primarily modifies health but can also modify damage and speed.
No Armor
Naked fish are protected only by the scales they were born with.
Common Armor
Hardened, stone, and bronze scales: these fish know that they need to suit up for battle, but didn't have much to help themselves with.
Rare Armor
Iron, gold, and carbon scales: these fish have some beefy protection made with modern materials.
Epic Armor
Poison, and diamond scales: these fish have masterful armor and it will take serious work to do damage to them.
Legendary Armor
Iridescent scales: these fish are born with an innate resistance to attacks... good luck hurting them.

Head Accessories

Head accessories can modify health, damage, and speed.
No Head Accessories
Poor fish has to deal with a cold head :(
Common Head Accessories
Baseball caps, cowboy hats, monocles, and pipes, these items are all the rage under the sea these days. Won't give you a massive boost in stats, but you'll look damn good while fighting
Rare Head Accessories
Camouflage hat, party hat, captains hat, fishing hat, and the dark cowboy hat. These accessories are the choice of the more sophisticated fish, and they'll aid in the fight
Epic Head Accessories
A pirate hat, wizard hat, and the bubble: each of these fine accessories grant your fish strong powers.
Legendary Head Accessory
Halo: as an angel of death, your fish is just trying to send your opponents to one place... heaven.

Body Accessories

Body accessories can modify health, damage, and speed.
No Body Accessories
This guy clearly doesn't like wearing clothes.
Common Body Accessories
Some cool balloons, a fish that got hooked, a syringe with a mystery substance, and a party necklace: all cool, but nothing that will give you superpowers.
Rare Body Accessories
Even cooler balloons, a tail on fire, and a fire extinguisher strapped on a backpack... surely these will give you some decent boosts to your fighting game.
Epic Body Accessories
Blue flames as a tail, and diamond fins: true marks of an elite fish.
Legendary Body Accessory
Jetpacks: these boys hit fast & hard.


At this time, backgrounds are purely aesthetic.
Default Background
The ocean is where most fish belong and there's nothing wrong with that.
Common Backgrounds
The sky, tropics, and arctic: this fish is trying to see the world but hasn't gotten very far yet!
Rare Backgrounds
The stratosphere, sunset, swamp, and golden skies (#YBG!): this fish is a true world traveler.
Epic Backgrounds
The exosphere and the deep: this fish has gone to places few fish have gone before... and survived.
Legendary Background
Space: this fish has taken one giant leap for fishkind and made it to space!